Web hosting

Summary of issue

Hosting a website or a web service has an environmental impact. On this page, we provide a link to a service that estimates the cost of a website and a list of services that offer green web hosting or servers.

Questions Raised

In this page, we try to address the following issues:
  1. 1.
    "What is the carbon footprint for web hosting and web services?"
  2. 2.
    "Are there more sustainable hosting services that can be recommended?"

Information and recommendations (TL;DR)


Below a list of services that offer green hosting alternatives.
How is it green
cost web hosting
100% Green Powered
3 (10gb)- 10 (50gb)/month
24 month
3 (5gb) 6.60 (20 gb) per month
55 (8 tb 512gb ram) 110 (10 tb 128 gb ram)
100% renewable energy, optimise it to reduce its carbon emissions, and plant trees on your behalf every month, partenship with
5(10 GB)/month'7 (Unlimited disk storage)
solar panel system, according to their count is the equivalent of planting 8 acres of trees per year. Every hosting account with AISO is green and powered by on-site solar.
$6.25 (10 GB )
10 (30gb 1gb ram), 45 (50 gb 4 gb ram) (many packages, two are examples)
raidboxes reforestation of Eden Reforestation Projects, support the Get Mads initiative, rely on sustainable, certified green electricity from hydropower, (only wordpress)
15 per month (1wordpress website 5gb ssd)
Our primary servers are located in a London datacentre which buys its electricity from Scottish Power Renewables, generated from British on-shore and off-shore wind as well as some tidal and wave power sources.
£108.00 inc. VAT per year (1bg)
100% Renewable energy from local windmills Wooden, sustainable office building Participating in multiple sustainability projects
€ 51.00 / year (1000 MB), € 108.00 / year 5 GB
€ 5.75 / month (5 GB)
Our web hosting is powered by 100% green energy from wind and solar sources. As a company, we also embrace sustainable practices like recycling and tele-commuting.
$8.95 5GB space 100 GB bandwidth
100% Renewable energy,Heat recovery and reuse for 25,000 homes, we will plant a tree in your name, stay with us for a year and we will plant three more, Ethical partnerships
50,000 visits €10 per month

NIME web hosting information

Present situation is a fully static site built on Jekyll and is a Discourse instance which requires a VPS (video discussing setup as of July 2020). At present we use the following hosting services:
  • Proceedings: static data hosting (presently in an Amazon S3 bucket in US East N. Virginia region)
  • continuous integration from jekyll source on GitHub + static web hosting (presently hosted on Netlify free tier)
  • virtual private server (presently hosted on DigitalOcean 1vCPU/1GB VPS in FRA1 region).
NIME does not use any traditional shared hosting services.

Present sustainability notes

  • Digital Ocean, does not have a sustainability statement, but users have been tracking energy sources for individual data centres. The FRA1 data centre appears to use 100% renewable energy (source)
  • Amazon AWS, has a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2025 (source), not clear what the energy mix is for particular data centers. May be desirable to reduce use of AWS, both from a cost and sustainability perspective.
  • Netlify has a sustainability statement, which focuses on efficient computation of web services, not on achieving 100% renewable energy, they note that their distributed infrastructure makes it hard to measure renewable energy usage. Could replace, but any use of cached/CDN backed static website could likely have the same issues and this is desirable for serving our main page to a global audience.
The proceedings (and supplementary files) requires around 20GB of disk space and bandwidth requirements are 80-120GB per month.