{Use this template to create a new ECO_NIME entry. Replace text in brackets with your content. For more information see here.}

Summary of Issue

{a statement to describe the topic (1-2 sentences)}

Questions Raised

{frame the topic with specific question(s) about environmental impact and/or possible solutions. Examples:}

  1. {"What is the carbon footprint for X technology?"}

  2. {"Are there more sustainable materials/methods that can be recommended?"}

  3. {"What are some ways to address this issue within the community?"}

Information and recommendations (TL;DR)

{a short summary (with list, links, or whatever best format) of information collected on the topic, and recommendations for addressing it.}


{this section can be any length and format, to share more in depth findings on the topic.}

{can add figures/images and tables using markdown. Note that Gitbook doesn't parse HTML well, so avoid using HTML in your markdown pages.}

{include any references, incl. papers, websites, etc.}


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