How to contribute

The ECO_NIME wiki is a community space, and we highly encourage anyone to contribute new entries, additional information and edit to existing pages. The wiki lives as a public Git repository, and is published with Gitbook.

The repository is softly curated by the NIME environmental officers. If you would like to contribute, we ask that you submit requests by email for additions and edits.

To maintain a consistent format for all entries, a template is provided. Please use this when submitting new content. Markdown (.md) files are the preferred format, however submissions of any type may be submitted.

Suggested topics

These are some of the topics we have identified to provide information about; if you want to contribute feel free to take one of these or add your own.

Additionally, we are interested in increasing diversity of contributors and overall accessibility of the wiki. Contributions are welcome and encouraged from diverse points of view, background, geographical area, gender, ability and more. In particular, we are interested in making entries available in multiple languages. For more information on wiki development, please see our NIME 2021 paper.

Digital tools & techniques for research

Services (including conference delivery tools)




Questions and comments can be directed to the NIME environmental officers:

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