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In the last years, environmental awareness is increasingly growing. Consequently, a number of artistic and music initiatives, as well as HCI projects related to the need of battling the effects of climate change has emerged. In this page, we decided to start listing them. In this page, we aim to give visibility and try to track the various project. Moreover, these projects can be an inspiration for the work within the NIME community.

This page is the result of volunteer work, and therefore cannot be an exhaustive list of all the existing projects. We are committed to keep this page update and keep adding projects. If you think that your project should be included or you know a project that should be listed below, please contact us.

Questions Raised

  1. What music and artistic projects that tackle environmental issues exist?

  2. How can we be inspired to create environmentally sustainable music and artistic projects


Special Issue "Sustainable Human-Computer Interaction Development"

This Special Issue aim to contribute to an integrated understanding of the relevance of HCI methodologies and practices contribute to the development of sustainable infrastructures and tools, an how HCI practitioners and researchers can be involved in critical initiatives fostering sustainable development. Contributors from different fields are invited to submit their articles on reflecting on how HCI can contribute to develop sustainability.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2020.

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Climate. Sound. Change.

Climate. Sound. Change. is an call orginized by Sound and Music, and the British Music Collection that aim to " create space for composers whose work engages with and seeks to address current social issues". The project offer 3 £500 grants for musicians whose work is meant to respond to the climate emergency.

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